Choosing Womens Shoes

If you think that your shoes have nothing to do with your health, you are making a mistake. If you always wear comfortable, flat shoes, you don’t have a lot to worry about in regards to your feet. However, if you love heels, you could be doing your entire body a disservice. Instead of giving up the heels that you like, think about coming up with a better way to wear them and then a way to pamper your feet so that you don’t have any long term problems associated with womens shoes that you love so much.

First, you have to understand what some womens shoes can do to your feet. Heels that are even an inch high can cause damage to your feet that you can not correct in the long run. These push the foot into an unnatural position and that causes strain and damage to the toes and the ligaments in your feet. It can also cause you to harm your spine. When you wear heels for womens shoes, you are throwing your center of gravity forward, and your back takes the strain of this to hold you upright. If you have back problems, it could be your choice of footwear that is part of the problem.

That being said, you can understand why high heeled womens shoes are not the best choice. There is really no way to wear them that does not cause this strain on your body. However, that does not mean that you have to give them up. You have to limit when you wear them. If you wear them to work, kick them off while you are sitting at your desk. Put them on when you get there and take them off before you leave. If you love to wear them out on the weekend, limit when you wear them during the week. The key is moderation with frequent breaks for your feet.

When you are not wearing your heels for womens shoes, wear the most comfortable shoes that you can find. If you have problems with your arches, make sure you get womens shoes that are made to support your arches. Wear comfortable slippers at home if you can, and have good sneakers and other comfortable options for being outdoors, doing errands, and any other time when you need to have shoes on your feet. Though these shoes can not undo damage, they can give your feet the break that they need when you feel that high heels are necessary to your wardrobe otherwise.

You can also make better choices for womens shoes when you are buying heels. Though any heel can cause damage, you can go with a lower heel for more comfort and fewer feet problems. Also get shoes that do not bind your toes and that have a cushion against your feet rather than something hard and unforgiving. Womens shoes do not have to hurt you to look good. Also remember to find some great looking flats that can make you look just as good as heels can, even if they are not your first choice. Your feet will reward you with less pain and better posture throughout life.

Large Size Womens Shoes – Impossible to Find

The chances are really good that if your shoe size is larger than an eight or a nine, you have a very hard time finding shoes. Large size womens shoes are just nearly impossible to find – and they shouldn’t be. Even when you can find large size womens shoes, they typically are not in the cute or fashionable styles that you find smaller sizes in. This isn’t the fault of the manufacturers – but who is to blame?

The manufacturers can easily produce a woman’s shoe in a size twelve or thirteen that looks identical to a shoe in a size five with no problem – and they do. They are not the reason that you can’t find that darling design in your size. The blame rests solely on the shoe store that you are shopping at! Chain shoe stores and large discount stores are the worst when it comes to finding larger sized women’s shoes. They simply don’t order them.

The shoe stores do this for one reason and one reason only. If they have the larger size womens shoes in stock, they can’t keep as much stock of the smaller sizes. It is as simple as that. They would rather stock one hundred pairs of the smaller sizes than stock eighty or ninety pairs of the smaller sizes and ten or twenty pairs of the larger sizes. You can’t please everyone all the time, but these stores don’t even try! What does this say to you as a consumer? It says that your business is not important to these stores. Unfortunately, there is only one thing that you can do about it – take your business away from them!

First, find the small privately owned shoe stores in our area – one of those places where the man that is sitting in front of you, measuring your foot, and gently placing the shoe on your foot is actually the owner of the store! Do you remember those full-service shoe stores? They still exist, and they do want your business! In most cases, if you personally talk to the owner of the store, and tell him your size and your taste in shoes, he will make sure that he has stock in the store for you. In most cases, he will be more than happy to order specific shoes in your size on a regular basis!

Another option is to shop online. No matter what type of shoes you are looking for, you can find it online – in your size. You can find the color you want too. Type what you are looking for into any search engine search box and see what pops up! What you are looking for is literally out there in cyber space, just waiting for you. The only drawback of ordering shoes online is that you cannot try them on first. For this reason, it is important to check the exchange, refund, and return policy of the Internet shoe store you are doing business with – before making a purchase!

You will be pleasantly surprised at the large selection of shoes – in your size – that you will have available to you when you choose to do business either at a small shoe shop or online. In fact, you will probably be able to get styles and designs that women with smaller feet can’t find in their chain shoe stores where nobody seems interested in waiting on them or helping them find what they are looking for!

So, if you need large size womens shoes, you can bet that your local chain shoe store or discount store won’t carry the styles that you want in your size. You will do better by ordering the shoes that you want from the Internet, or from a small privately owned shoe store. These chain stores and discount stores leave you no choice, and since they drove you to this in the first place – completely take your business away from them – buy the rest of your family’s shoes either online or at that same small private shoe shop as well!

The Pride That Keds Womens Shoes Bring

As early as the ancient civilization, women especially those in the upper society love to accessorize and beautify themselves. Even the different ethnic groups in the different parts of the world are no different from either the early civilization or the present generation. Women from different groups have their own styling attitude and some of them are valuing the fashionable look of their footwear. Though shoes used to act as feet protection, Keds womens shoes at present can give these women both the comfort and shoe style that they need.

Keds was first introduced in the U.S market and its present brand name was first known to produce sneakers. According to its history, the name “sneakers” was acquired due to the soles of Keds shoes that barely make noise, thus allowing the wearer to sneak. As years passed by, it became successful in producing different kinds and styles of shoes for both genders of all ages.

Women of the present generation are luckier compared to the women of the early civilization because they are able to feel the comfort and enjoy the style brought by Keds womens shoes. Slip ons, wedges, casual, and sandals – name it and Keds have it. Even celebrities have been caught wearing them and they seem to trust the quality, performance, and styles of these shoes just like the flowing:

• Sandals

Women can enjoy the summer even more if they have the Lolly Ruche Thong that comes in stripes and brown. This new trend in footwear is perfect for summer. Make the summer even more exciting, too by looking a sporty chic on the summer-hue Peninsula Floral Thong or Poolside Floral Canvas Thong.

• Wedges

Complete whatever outfit you have by wearing the Keds’ lovely wedges. They look so feminine on a lady’s feet and each of the Keds’ wedges has style that will certainly match the lady’s mood, outfit, or sense of style. Women can enjoy Keds wedges that could fit all the year’s season, just like the Bliss Twill Wedge that comes in either brown or black.

• Slip on

Not too hot, not too cold, and blooming with flowers – that what spring is all about so a lady must not dare to miss the perfect season. A modern lady with grace and beauty can chase the season with the Tracy Reese Fringe that comes in white or blue background. It has nice edging and embroidery, making it more unique to wear.

Keds has more to offer when it comes to footwear. Its works are not limited to the common footwear fashion and it definitely knows how to have fun with colors. Some of its footwear creations can be partnered with any type of clothes while others are specially made to be worn on a specific event.

Keds womens shoes are the new trend in footwear. They do not just offer luxury but also the comfort that make every woman proud of wearing Keds’ creations, especially if the different famous personalities are also wearing them with pride.