Try Bloch Womens Shoes for a Brand You Can Trust – With Added Style!

Yet another brand that has been able to sustain its popularity and appeal amongst consumers for over eight decades is Bloch Womens shoes. This brand came into being in the early 1930s in Australia. Now there have been a number of footwear brands that have been successful due to the quality of products they have been offering and the image they have been able to build up.

Bloch Womens shoes have remained popular not only due to the above mentioned reasons but also because of the superb variety of dance footwear and their ability to diversify into allied accessories as well as apparels.

I am sure you will not find many brands that have made such a strong impact as Bloch in the area of dance shoes and that is what is unique about them. Moreover, they were smart enough to offer additional product accessories support and get into apparel manufacture of flip skirts, leotards, shorts, legwarmers and so on that were closely allied to dance. That presented great synergy for consumers and they happily bought into these products making Bloch a household name amongst women seriously into dance.

Let us flashback and go back though in time to understand the emergence of this brand.

In 1932, when Jacob Bloch started making dance shoes by hand for ballet dancers, he would not have imagined that his brand would soar to such great heights. But his passion and zeal in perfecting these handmade shoes for ballet dancers ensured that he was contacted by many ballet companies when they happened to tour Australia.

Bloch not only made shoes. He also provided extras like the pointe pad, cushion and other such accessories that were customised to the requirement of the dancers. Along with the shoes, they represented unique pieces of work exclusive to the dancer. These extras could be further cut and washed as per need. The huge opportunity in making such shoes on a mass scale appealed to him and that was how the Bloch brand came into existence.

Today you thus have Bloch womens shoes for ballroom, contemporary, hip hop and many other dance forms. The brand has become synonymous with dance and by producing apparel and tights ideal for dancing; the brand could present itself as a one stop shop for all dance related items.

You can also get fashion shoes from Bloch and this is available not only for women but also for young girls and toddlers. The basic design has been inspired by the ballet slipper and you can find shoes that have simple as well as very complex patterns. They are made out of leather and are available in European sizes.

Bloch also brought out pre walkers shoes, which was well received by parents along with Bloch womens shoes. These shoes helped babies to move around confidently and are crafted out of top quality Italian leather. These shoes are great in providing protection to the tender feet of babies and also give them a strong footing.