Womens Shoe Size 8 And The Golfing Brigade

As the human race has become healthier, they have also grown. The average size of men and women has increased over the Centuries. Womens shoes size 8 would have been unheard of years ago. Today we see fit and strong women competing in many athletic disciplines which they would have struggled with in years gone by.

Although strength events can see women fall short in direct competition with men, women have single handedly sailed round the world, female jockeys have ridden in the most grueling steeple chasing event, the Grand National at Aintree, and run at a pace that would have beaten the World Male record holders in the same event not too many years ago.

With improved health and strength has come a more assertive sex which can compete in all aspects of life – business, politics, medicine. Women have run, and currently lead national governments.

There are still pockets of the fairer sex being regarded as second class citizens. Some of the bastions of male domination are falling and not before time.

Golf was always seen as one such bastion but in an area of England, the North East where the womens place was in the home, there has been an innovation recently which hopefully leads to more such moves.

When a lady was invited to play in a US PGA Tour Event a couple of years ago, several professionals had severe reservations and although it was a invitation that was only offered 3 or 4 times to two different ladies, it broke the mould.

Men only bars went some time ago in towns in general, private clubs were not subject to the same legislation and golf clubs maintained their rights of segregation despite allowing membership to the fairer sex.

One such golf club, founded nearly 140 years ago, amongst the oldest 50 in the world has a Ladies Section which celebrated its Centenary 105 years ago. Yet Ladies did not have a vote.

The rule book of the Club forbade Ladies’ involvement in the running of the Club, despite its Ladies’ Membership including many able women with time, and energy to contribute.

All that changed two years ago when the membership finally granted women the vote. An extremely well educated Oxbridge graduate, business consultant who had represented the County Ladies on the golf course was voted on to the Committee, that exclusive preserve of the male. The male only bar went although to date there has been no approach by the Ladies to enter the Christmas Snooker Competition!

This year that Lady became the first female Club Captain of the Club, and almost certainly any Club in the UK, perhaps the World.

She still cannot play in an Annual Match against another Club which specifies male participation only but she takes that all in good part. At the end of a term of Office, there is a Captain’s Dinner, a male only event. That will be interesting next winter when the event is held.